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WarmlyYours Sales Staff Gets Hands-On Installation Training

Floor Heating Customer Rep Lindsey Brown Assists with Install

Like most people, I am a visual learner, so I was thrilled to hear we were having our own hands-on electric floor heating training session right in our office. Keith, one of our Tech Support specialists, built a mock bathroom floor and wall specifically for the purpose of our floor heating training. He started out by explaining to us which tools we would need to start up this fun and exciting project.

First, he had Jenn check the ohms readings of the TempZone heating mat. After that, he had Pablo connect the wires to the circuit check (in case the wire gets damaged during installation an alarm will sound). Then, we watched as Keith effortlessly laid out the fiberglass mesh mat with the heating wires facing down. Following the design layout plan, he stapled the mat onto the wood sub-floor (though liquid nails would have been my choice!). I, myself, helped in spreading the thin-set over the heating mat with the trowel while Keith put thin-set on the back of the tiles and then placed the tiles onto the floor.

Lindsey Brown Assists with Radiant Floor Heating Install

He also showed us how to get the cold lead wire back to the thermostat, where he proceeded to demonstrate the wiring of the 120V thermostat. Another volunteer was able to get his hands-on experience as well by connecting the wires himself. After the thermostat was hooked up and ready to go, we finished it up by checking the ohms readings of the mat for the last time.

Once the thin-set dries in 2-14 days (depending on the brand that is chosen), we can then turn on the system using our 7 day programmable thermostat and feel the warmth! When I put WarmlyYours in my own home, I will be installing it myself now since it is much easier than I thought it was going to be. Not to mention, there is always 24/7 technical support and personal account managers to fall back on!

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