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What’s Cooking in Charlotte? Low Cost Radiant Floor Heating.

Charlotte Skyline at Dusk

As the largest city in the state of North Carolina, Charlotte is a major commercial hub. Charlotte holds another distinction; it’s the third fastest growing major city in the United States. And no wonder, Charlotte is home to the corporate headquarters of Bank of America and the east coast operations of Wells Fargo, which along with other financial institutions makes it the second largest banking center in the United States.

Currently, the median home value in Charlotte is $174,200. Charlotte home values have gone up 8.5% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will rise 4.3% within the next year. But the winters in Charlotte aren't heating up. Although short and generally cool, on average, there are 59 nights per year that drop to or below freezing. Since flooring can be cold year ‘round, warming it up with radiant floor heating can be a good plan and wise investment in your comfort as well as the resale value of your home.

Improving Your Kitchen Comfort Level with Affordable Underfloor Heat

These Charlotte homeowners decided to add underfloor heating to warm up the stylish but cold laminate flooring they had selected for their kitchen remodeling project. They chose to install an Environ Flex Roll floor heating system in the 163-ft² space for $856.00 at a cost of $9.51 per square foot. The Flex Roll consists of an insulated heating cable sandwiched between two layers of reinforced, durable aluminum foil that radiates 12 watts per square foot. (see floor plan)

Kitchen Floor Plan with Radiant Heat

After figuring out the material cost, it’s a good idea to evaluate the cost for operating the system too. WarmlyYours has these useful online tools to help you do that. Based on WarmlyYours’s Operating Cost Calculator, 41 cents will heat this kitchen for eight hours a day and, according to our Heat Loss Calculator, it costs a mere $15.83 to heat the kitchen during the coldest month of the year. An extra bonus is that this system can be a primary heat source for the room without additional heating bills.  

Pairing a Control with your Floor Heating System

Now that you’ve chosen floor heating for your kitchen, there are several options to control your floor temperature. All of them are designed to help you get the most out of your floor heating system. If you want to control your radiant heating system from your smart phone or the web, then the nSpire Touch WiFi is the control for you.

The nSpire Touch WiFi lets you control your thermostat remotely.

Designed for people with a busy schedule, this thermostat can be controlled remotely so that you save energy and still achieve the maximum in comfort and convenience. Easy to use, the clear 3.5” touch screen allows for setting or adjusting the temperature remotely at your discretion.   

In addition to the nSpire Touch WiFi thermostat, there are different controls to suit a wide variety of requirements. WarmlyYours nSpiration Series of thermostats has something for everyone. 

Wondering which thermostat would work best for your floor heating system? Simply call us at (800) 875-5285 and we’ll be glad to assess your situation and advise which one best fits your needs. There are several ways to contact us, 1) call us at (800) 875-5285, 2) live chat us at www.warmlyyours.com, or 3) email us sales@warmlyyours.com. 

Whether you live in Charlotte, or another city that could benefit from the affordable luxury of radiant heating, WarmlyYours has your comfort and convenience in mind.

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