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"Radiant Pro Selling: Value and Function"

When you’re visiting with potential or current customers, the question may arise, “Isn’t radiant heat a luxury I can do without?” And, how then do you answer that question? Sure, radiant heat is, in fact a luxury, but there is strong merit in the added value and functionality that it offers to your customers. Let’s first start with the resale value of radiant heating, which in a down market can be an “easy sell.” One in every five people or 20% of potential home buyers say that floor heating is a desired luxury when searching for and buying a new home. No matter the type of home, across the US - floor heating is one of the hottest selling points on the market! Read More

"Small Business Confidence Hits Three-Year High"

Small-business owners are feeling decidedly more optimistic about the state of their companies and the U.S. economy than they have in some time. Never mind that "some time" refers to the dismal last few years since the recession; business activity and expectations are moving in a positive direction. The new findings come from the National Small Business Association, a 74-year-old organization that surveyed 450 members in December and January. Results include significant improvements in several categories since the last survey, in July. Read More

"December U.S. Construction Spending Surged 1.5% M/M"

U.S. total construction spending surged 1.5% over November, which was over twice the 0.7% expected by consensus and pushes spending to the highest level in almost two years. However, it comes after the 1.2% jump reported the prior month was downwardly revised to a 0.4% gain. Gains were seen across all groups, with gains in nonresidential construction leading the pack. Total nonresidential construction spending was up 1.9% m/m and is up 4.5% over last year, while total residential construction rose 0.7% m/m and is up just 3.8% y/y. Private nonresidential construction was up 3.3% m/m and is up 11.4% over last year. Private residential construction was up 0.8% m/m and is up a more modest 4.9% over last year. Total public construction rose 0.5% m/m in December and is down 2.5% over last year. While the stronger than expected headline reading is somewhat masked by the downward revision the prior month, it still will help provide a boost to the 4Q GDP component and to overall 4Q GDP in the 2nd release. Read More

"A Face-Lift for Your Home"

Many people would love to improve their homes with major structural changes, but often they can’t afford such costly renovations. An easy solution can be to make cosmetic changes instead. Cosmetic modifications stretch far beyond slapping a new coat of paint on a wall. From pillows to posters, chairs to curtains, there are plenty of ways to put on a new look without breaking the bank, whether you're staying put or planning to sell your house. Read More


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