With summer comes beaches, barbecues, and a strong desire to lounge in a hammock all afternoon. However, summer is also the best time to pursue your remodeling projects. The days are longer and, if you have kids on summer vacation, you can muster a small army of volunteers to help out. Summer can also be the most practical time to undertake some outdoor projects, like installing a snow melting system in a new driveway or walkway. But fear not: We’ve rounded up a bunch of amazing blogs that will inspire you to start and, more importantly, finish your remodeling project.

Inspirational Blogs for Remodeling IdeasNo matter what kind of project you have in mind or the limitations you have to work with, these five blogs will give you the crucial advice you need. Here's our list:

The Ugly Duckling House

‘The Ugly Duckling House’ presents Sarah’s everyday remodeling adventures with her big, fixer-upper house, so you can learn through her personal experience. 

“I like tearing my house apart and putting it back together again,” she says.

It’s Great to be Home: Adventures of a Serial Home Improverbedroom over garage in a house 1

Liz is flipping houses and selling them. In addition to information about selling properties, you can also find good project content on this blog. She shares great remodeling tips  for homeowners and people interested in flipping properties, like her.

Retro Renovation

‘Retro Renovation’ is a blog that was designed for anyone who yearns for the bygone days. If you feel your house should have a vintage look to it, check out this blog. You’ll learn how to incorporate design inspirations from different time periods and how to borrow the styles of popular films like “Pulp Fiction” or “Back to the Future.”

Houzz Homepage Screenshot Houzz

This blog is a staff-favorite here at WarmlyYours because you can find everything in the same place. They will teach you about remodeling trends, as well as solutions to the problems you can face while you’re remodeling a room.  It also hosts a social network for remodelers. You can get in and see what hundreds of people like you have done before. There´s nothing 

There’s nothing  more inspirational than that. And if you like something you saw, you can buy it immediately. You don’t have to go anywhere else

Young House Love

In the last 7 years, Sherry and John have fixed 3 houses and had 2 kids. This blog is the best if you’re looking for friendly advice or family-oriented, traditional designs.

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