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"Optimistic Contractors Turn to Pro-Channels Over the Big Boxes"

For the first time since the recession, things are really looking up this year when it comes to the remodeling industry, housing markets, and affordability. At last optimism is now returning to contractors! Within the next 3 years, a 7% increase in revenue per job is predicted for residential contractors, which is a significant difference compared to last year’s declines. With the anticipation of a revenue increase in the future, many contractors are starting to change how and where they shop to maximize those results. Read More

"Affordability Pyramid Shows Most Americans Only Qualify for Lower-Priced Homes"

The Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) provides detailed data on the income distribution of US households. The NAHB Priced Out Model translates the income data into the distribution of homes that US households can afford and allows generating the Housing Affordability Pyramid. The pyramid shows how many households in the United States can afford homes in various price ranges. At the base of the market for housing is a large number of households with relatively modest incomes. The homes that these households can afford are also relatively modest. As the price of a home goes up, there are fewer and fewer households in each tier who are able to afford it. Read More

"Enrich your Interior Design with Function, Efficiency & Style!"

Interior Designers are always looking for products that will add function to the space without taking away from the aesthetic. It’s not always been easy to design functional spaces that also look fantastic...until now! Recently I discovered the LAVA® Glass Infrared Heating Panels! Amazing product with function, efficiency and style!

Let’s talk function. Many spaces have heating elements such as radiators, baseboard fixtures or ceiling vents which are all obstacles to any designer. I have yet to meet a designer who doesn’t curse these, myself included. LAVA® infrared heating panels can be used for central or auxiliary heating and mounts to the wall, where YOU want it. Read More

"Kitchens Return as Home's Nerve Center"

Kitchen and bath design may be leading the housing market out of the long-lasting downturn, according to the latest Home Design Trends survey from the American Institute of Architects. Conducted in the fourth quarter of 2011, the survey found that "emphasis on kitchens is beginning to increase, with more space devoted to -- and increasing activities centered in -- this part of the home." Around 300 U.S. residential architects completed the survey, according to Kermit Baker, AIA's chief economist. Read More


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