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"Share Your Story: No More Cold Coffee!"

When designing our new kitchen, my wife asked if there was a way to heat the concrete countertops that we were planning on installing. My wife was frustrated by how quickly our old countertops would suck the heat and warmth out of a simple cup of coffee or even a plate of food.

So when we installed the new concrete countertops, we allowed room for WarmlyYours radiant heating and a thin sheet of rigid foam to be installed. The support team at WarmlyYours helped us determine the best thickness for the concrete, and the instructions that were supplied with the mat and thermostat made the installation a breeze! Read More

"August Housing Starts Rebounded By 2.3% To 750,000 Units"

U.S. housing starts rebounded by 2.3% to 750,000 annualized units in August. It was under the 760,0000 starts expected by markets though near our forecast of 755,000 starts. However, it comes after July’s 746,000 units started was downwardly revised to 733,000 units. Single family starts rose by 5.5% over July, erasing the 4.5% drop seen in July. Multi-family starts dropped by 4.9% after a 1.3% gain the month before. Building permits dipped by 1.0% to a still high 803,000 in August. While the report was a little weaker than consensus expectations, it will likely have only a modest impact on markets today, as investors take in more quantitative easing by the Bank of Japan. Read More

"Renovating Your Guest Room for a Comfy Fall"

These days, everyone wants to save every last penny. By necessity, homeowners are becoming more practical and also more interested in saving energy. Saving energy is a great way to reduce your energy bill, which explains why energy-efficient appliances are in such high demand now. The most needed and frequently used appliances in your home are most likely your biggest energy consumers. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that home appliances and electronics make up about 20 percent of your total electric bill. And one of the top energy consumers in your home is your heating and cooling system! Read More

"The Kickstarter Way To Trick Out, Automate Your Home"

In the 1960s we were told that the future was all about automated homes. (Also: jetpacks, flying cars, robot maids, etc.) The idea has since languished. But a few Kickstarter projects may yet prove the future is now.

A couple of years ago we published a story with the headline, "Your Next Home Will Be A Robot," based on some promising figures that suggested the home automation market was poised to explode. Since then big-name players like Verizon and Google have tried entering and revolutionizing the robot home game, with mixed results. But now it looks like smaller, independent firms may actually be the most viable way to robotize your home. If the future is finally here, you'll have Kickstarter to thank. Read More


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