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"Thinset vs. Self-Leveling when Installing Radiant Floor Heating"

If you’re not a pro and are new to installing radiant floor heating, you will likely face the obstacle of choosing either latex-modified Thinset or a self-leveling compound. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but when choosing between the two of them, it truly boils down to the type of flooring that you are installing. Before the installation process begins, it’s important to understand exactly what latex modified thinset and self-leveling compound is, as well as the pros and cons of each. Read More

"Floors Warm Up to Radiant Heat"

Because altruistic ideas can often be impractical, I believe that the best reasons to use sustainable features in a home are to save money or for the pleasure of the occupants. (Saving energy is an important side effect.) But for one feature that checks all three boxes, consider radiant heating. On a cold, rainy day, there's nothing that feels better upon waking than putting bare feet onto a warm floor heated by a radiant in-floor system. Rather than rely on inefficient forced-air systems — which start with cold outside air, and then must expend energy to heat it before moving it inside — radiant heating uses a warm surface to transfer heat into a space. It's much like shining a light on a wall. And as we learned in physics class, warm air rises, so a heated floor soon means a heated room. Read More

"Listen Up, She’s the Buyer!"

Did you know that women initiate 80% of home-improvement purchases? Women are assuming a greater role when it comes to remodeling and home improvement. If they have a bathroom that is outdated or a kitchen in need of upgrading, women most often take the initiative to remodel before their male counterparts. Understanding this, Castle Building & Remodeling of Minneapolis and St. Paul Minn., keep women in mind when it comes to marketing. Through upfront pricing, lifetime warranties, and guaranteed completion dates, Castle Building & Remodeling is able to inform and educate women while also continuing engagement through e-newsletters. Read More

"NAHB Remodelers Tackle Jobs of All Sizes, but Greatest Share of Revenue Comes from Large Projects"

Answers to questions on NAHB’s Remodeling Market Index (RMI) survey show that remodeling projects in every price range account for at least 9 percent of NAHB remodelers’ business (in dollar volume). Even jobs that bring in less than $2,500 each account for 10 percent. Given the small amount of revenue per job, and the challenges that scheduling a large number of relatively small jobs presents to a professional remodeler, it’s perhaps surprising that the under $2,500 share is as high as it is. Even so, among the price categories specified in the survey, large projects costing at least $100,000 account for the greatest share NAHB remodelers’ business—21 percent. Next are jobs costing $25,000-$50,000, with an 18 percent share. Read More


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