LAVA® Radiant Panels

LAVA® Radiant Panels

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  • WALL MOUNTED: These radiant panels can be fixed to a wall horizontally or vertically on your wall and the hardwired installation (120V) presents a streamlined look without visible wires or cords
  • The hardwired electrical connection (120VAC) of the LAVAs ensures that there will be no visible cords or plugs after installation
  • Infrared radiant heating panels are a great way to give your home a bit of extra warmth and comfort
  • Can be mounted to a wall horizontally or vertically
  • 24/7 installation support and lifetime technical support


Winner of 2011 KBIS 'Best of Show' Award, WarmlyYours Radiant Heating Panels come in 4 main styles and a variety of colors, and can be used for either central or auxiliary heating. The Infrared Heat is a healthy heat, ideal for allergy sufferers and has been proven to reduce heating expenses by an average of 12%. Radiant panels for inside your home are perfect for any room, thanks to the different styles and colors available. Whether you plan to use them as your primary heat source or as a boost to your existing heat source, infrared radiant heating panels are a great way to give your home a bit of extra warmth and comfort. 

At the 2011 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, or KBIS, the WarmlyYours LAVA® Infrared Heating System won the Best in Show award at the Best of KBIS New Products Pavilion. Among many competitors, the LAVA® infrared heating system outperformed the rest to take the top honor.  There are many reasons why radiant heating panels are gaining popularity. Besides their good looks, these vent-free heaters can help you save on your heating bills — radiant heating systems have been proven to save homeowners up to 12% on their heating costs. Further, they are beneficial for those who suffer from allergies because unlike standard central heating systems with forced air, they don't disturb dust or other allergens. 

Customer Questions & Answers

Can a LAVA panel be mounted on the ceiling?

No, a LAVA radiant panel can't be mounted on the ceiling. 

Can I mount LAVA unit in a recessed area in the wall?

We recommend a 3/4" edge joint/space perimeter around the glass for air circulation and easier installation. Furthermore, no flammable materials may be used around the LAVA. It's required by UL that the “On/Off” switch must be operable and visible. Please check with your local electrical code prior to installing your Lava panel for restrictions on placement.

Where can my LAVA panel by mounted?

A LAVA panel cannot be installed in "wet locations" such as showers or saunas. The top, bottom, and sides of the unit must not be closer than 12 inches from any other object or surface in order to effectively radiate heat. The LAVA panels may not be placed behind doors. Please check with your local electrical code prior to installing your LAVA panel for restrictions on placement.

What should I do if my LAVA panel is making a buzzing sound when on?

Verify that the mounting bolts are fully tightened on the rail. If not, tighten them until snug. If bolts are tight, look behind the LAVA and check to see if the rail is touching the rear of the enclosure.  If it is—that is the cause of the sound. Solution: Take some felt, and attach it in between the rail and enclosure.

What should I do if my LAVA radiant panel won’t heat up?

Verify 120V power at the connection to the panel at the junction box at the rear of the panel. Verify the panel power switch is in the "ON" position (if equipped). LAVA internal temperature limiters may have actuated.  Turn off the unit using the "Power" switch on the panel and wait 30-60 minutes for the unit to reset. Turn the unit back on and operate normally.

If you experience additional issues, please give us a call at 1-800-875-5285.

How far from the panel will the heat substantially radiate and where should it be aimed?

Radiant heat travels through air, and typically heats up objects closer to the panel first and then the rest of the room later. Heat from the panel can be easily detected from about 3-4 feet. Ideally, the radiant panel should be aimed onto the area with more use, since that will be the surface that will warm up first.

Customer Reviews

LAVA® Radiant Panels achieved an average rating of 5.0 stars with 4 reviews by our customers.

Beautiful and warm radiant panel!

William L., Kingston, PA on 01/30/2019

This was very easy to install and wire, and does a great job in being the primary heat source for a finished attic.

My customer is thrilled with their Lava radiant heat panel!

Caputo, MAPLEWOOD, NJ on 07/28/2016

My customer is thrilled with their Lava radiant heat panel. It is a focal point of the bathroom and really adds a nice design element to the space. Because it is the summer, they haven't been able to utilize the Lava panel for a heat source but they are looking forward to it. The programmable thermostat makes it so easy to control the temperature of the bathroom. The installation was very simple with the hardware given.

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