Radiant Panel HeatingAccessories

Customize the radiant heating panels in your home with accessories from WarmlyYours. Whether you want to add extra lights or you’re installing them in the bathroom and want the towels after your shower or bath to be cozy and warm, these accessories provide a bit of personalization to your heating system. Add the luxury you deserve to your home with LED Light accents or LAVA rounded or flat towel bars for your radiant heat panels.

Lava LED Light

LED Light

Light up the room with brilliant LED lights in unique designs. RGB LED lights for your LAVA radiant heat panel change color, displaying beautiful accents for any room in your home. These lights also add visual interest to the panel, making it look even better when it’s on display. You’ll love the effect these LED lights add to your home.

These lights are perfect for any room in your home. Used in the bathrooms, they can create wonderful mood lighting, and in living rooms they add excitement to parties and gatherings in your home. The possibilities are endless.

Bar For Lava Panel
Flat Bar For Lava Panel

Lava® Rounded Bar / Lava® Flat Bar

Make your bathroom even better by adding a towel bar to your LAVA® Radiant Heating Panel. With these sleek, functional towel bars, your WarmlyYours LAVA® panel brings luxury and convenience to your bathroom by adding radiant warmth to both the room and towels. Imagine stepping out of the bath or shower and wrapping yourself in a warm, fluffy towel. Now you can have that fresh-from-the-dryer feeling any time you want it.

Available in two different styles—flat or rounded—LAVA® towel bars feature a polished stainless steel finish to beautifully accent any bathroom décor. You can add up to four towel bars depending on the size of your LAVA® Radiant Heating Panel.

Maximum Bar Allowance by model:

  • 250W – 2 bars
  • 500W – 2 bars
  • 750W – 3 bars
  • 1000W – 4 bars

Contact WarmlyYours today to learn more or to place an order for accessories to enhance your LAVA® Radiant Heating Panel.