Towel WarmersInstallation Overview for the Infinity

Getting Started

Materials and Tools

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver

Hardwired unit will require two 2" x 4" electrical boxes and conduit (if required by local code), and common construction/drywall tools.

Step 1 - Unpacking/Inspecting

To get started, remove the towel warmer from box and inspect it for any damage.

Step 2 - Verify Hardware Included

Next you will verify the contents of the hardware box included with your towel warmer in comparison to the complete installation manual.

Step 3 - Attach Tubing

Now, you will attach the tubing that is enclosed in the hardware box into the desired positions on the towel warmer (see pages 5-6 of install manual for bracket assembly).

Step 4 - Preparing to Mount Towel Warmer

Place towel warmer on a piece of cardboard or a large sheet of paper and lay it down on a flat, even surface with the brackets facing down.

Step 5 - Creating a Template

Mark the location of the following onto the piece of cardboard or sheet of paper – this will create a template to ensure accurate bracket placement:

  • The electrical collar (Infinity hardwired model only).
  • The location of the brackets.

Step 6 - Mark Placement on the Wall

Use the template that you created in step 5 as a guide to help you mark the wall with the correct locations and placement of the four towel warmer wall brackets. Using this template will also ensure that:

  • The electrical collar is lined up with the center of the electrical box (Infinity hardwired model only)*
  • At least two of the brackets are lined up with a proper wall stud
  • The towel warmer is completely level

* For mounting installation of the Infinity plug-in model, you must install it less than 6' (183cm) from a properly grounded outlet. Do NOT use an extension cord.

Step 7 - Electrical Connections (Infinity hardwired model only)

After you have marked the towel warmer placement on the wall, you must have an electrician run power to the timer box and from timer box to electrical box for the towel warmer. Install the timer box and wire towel warmer to the circuit. (See complete installation manual for more information.)

Step 8 - Mounting the Towel Warmer

Now that the electrical connections and power have been attached, you can mount towel warmer to the marked place on your wall using included hardware to affix the unit.

Step 9 - Setting the Timer (Infinity hardwired model only)

Now that the towel warmer is mounted and connected to the electrical power, it's time to set your new dedicated programmable timer to the desired setting and time.

Step 10 - Warranty Registration

After your towel warmer is mounted and safely warming your towels, take a moment and complete the unit’s warranty* registration card and promptly return to WarmlyYours.

* For the Infinity Towel Warmer model (hardwired and plug-in, WarmlyYours offers a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

This installation step-by-step is a purposed as overview only. Please see the complete installation manual for comprehensive instructions.