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Infinity Towel Warmers have achieved an average rating of 5 stars having been reviewed 36 times by our customers.

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Excellent. Very good product

Excellent. Very good product

Lisa Crisafulli, San Diego, CA
May 09, 2016

GUEST [email protected], SPRINGFIELD, MO
Apr 26, 2016

Towel warmer easy to install. Timer is awesome!

Towel warmer easy to install. Timer is awesome. You can take a shower at the same time each day and your towels are warm, no thinking about it. Reliable and easy to use. Love the warm towel after showering.

Scott Senecal, Cincinnati, OH
Apr 22, 2016

I thought it would make the towel warmer...

I thought it would make the towel warmer. do you recommend keeping it on all the time? I do not maybe I should....

GUEST [email protected], Newport News, VA
Apr 19, 2016

WarmlyYours Responds
Updated Customer Response: "I have the warmer on a timer I had an electrician install and normally I would set the timer just before I took a shower so that the towel at most would be exposed to the warmer for no more than 30 min. I will disconnect the timer and in the winter just let the warmer run all the time. Thanks for such good customer service!"

WarmlyYours still believes in customer care!

Loving our towel warmer! Working with our contractor to figure out viability of getting electricity to two other bathroom locations for additional ones in the home. But, our experience goes beyond product itself. Customer service is truly old school, and hard to find such customer oriented companies these days. So happy WarmlyYours still believes in customer care! Thanks for a great product, and great service!

Rosalie Clemens, Issaquah, WA
Apr 16, 2016

Looks great and works perfectly

We love this towel warmer! It looks great and works perfectly.

Hilary Santoni, EDINA, MN
Apr 16, 2016

We're loving this towel warmer!

We're loving this towel warmer! During the winter, our towels never quite got dry. Now they do. And having a nice warm towel after a shower is lovely. The timer feature makes it very convenient.

Shelly Cohen, Seattle, WA
Apr 16, 2016

Bill Selvage, Boise, ID
Apr 16, 2016

This towel warmer is incredible.

This towel warmer is incredible. We have set it to turn on an hour before we get up and the towels are always toasty! It stays on for an hour after we shower so they are never damp or mildewy. We use bath sheets (larger than standard towels) so the ends would hang off the bottom of this warmer and get cold, so we wrap the towel completely around the rack and they are thoroughly warmed. Installation wasn’t the easiest. The warmer required studs on both sides which meant adding additional 2x4s behind our wall. Once we had everything wired and built, the actual mounting was simple enough. Overall, I am pleased with this product and would recommend it.

Karolyn Horowitz, Wilmington, DE
Oct 22, 2014

WarmlyYours Responds
Thanks for the review! I am sure our customers will find your tips useful.

Best thing ever for my master bath!

Best thing ever for my master bath! Toasty towels are a real treat this winter, and I am now thinking of purchasing another unit for the down-stairs bath. I have also used the towel warmer for drying delicate clothing items and "fat quarters" of fabric (I am a quilter). I wish that it were about 4" wider, to hold 2 of my largest bath towels.

Kathryn Webber, Wilmington, DE
Jan 16, 2014

WarmlyYours Responds
Thank you for your review! We love when our customers are happy! We'll take your suggestion to the team. Have a great day!