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How To Keep Your Bathroom Cleaner Without Really Trying

How to keep your bathroom cleaner without really trying.

As one of the most frequently-used spaces in your home, your bathroom sees a lot of action on a daily basis and will probably need to be freshened up more frequently than other rooms. With the high levels of moisture that are prevalent in the space, mildew and other unsightly substances can start to form on your shower stalls and glass surfaces if you're not careful. Cleaning your bathroom is likely one of the least enjoyable aspects of owning a home, so any way that you can prolong the process while still keeping your washroom looking great will probably be a relief. Here are a few tips and tricks that could help you put off the inevitable cleaning a bit longer.

1. Shower stalls. Mildew has a habit of forming between the grout lines of tile inside of your shower or bathtub, as well as on glass doors and other surfaces. TLC.com suggests wiping down both your shower doors and your walls with a dry towel after each shower to reduce the chance of this substance forming over time. Additionally, it's also wise to keep your shower curtain or door open after your shower to let cool air circulate and reduce the chances of mildew formation.

2. Mirrors. A fogged-up mirror can be a real pain in the morning, and you can only make it worse when you're in a hurry and wipe it off with the palm of your hand. This will inevitably lead to streaks and unsightly watermarks that will force to you clean them off far sooner than usual. One way to solve this problem is to install a mirror defogger - this device comes with a self-adhesive backing that can attach to any wall hung mirror in minutes. It will provide a source of radiant heat that will spread evenly across the mirror's surface and give you a clear mirror to work with each morning.

3. Toilets. Your commode can be a stubborn device to clean, but this is one of the chief areas where dirt and grime can build up over time. Before you go to bed, sprinkle a bit of powdered soap or a similar cleaning agent around the perimeter of the bowl and let it sit overnight. In the morning when you flush the toilet, you can watch those stubborn stains wash away and gain the satisfaction of knowing that you've put off the regular bathroom cleaning for just a bit longer!

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