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Julia's Favorite Memory

WarmlyYours President, Julia Billen, Childhood Upbringing
Growing up in a crowded row home in Dundalk, Maryland, space was tight. The walls were thin, so thin that you knew all your neighbors’ business…and, it was always cold in our house. My most favorite childhood memory is of me taking a hot shower in the morning, and then laying on the heating vent in our tiny bathroom shared by 7 other family members. I would lock the door and just sleep - the warm air lulling me back to my dreams. I just remember feeling so content – there- on the floor. I still feel that way when I think about it.

Who knew that my love for floor heat would find me owning a floor heating company and being able to provide electric radiant heat to families and children everywhere? Apparently I'm in the minority. When I talk with my friends about my life, it just seems like most of them did not end up doing something they had a real love for.

How about you? What did you love as a kid? Did you end up doing something you loved when you "grew up"?

Julia Billen - President, WarmlyYours.com Inc.

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