When you redecorate, the first spaces you usually look to are the kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms. These are the hearts of the home, where you restore your energy, engage with family and friends, enjoy some entertainment and rest your head. They're vital to the life and function of a home, but no heart is complete without the veins that pump it full of vitality.

Hallway with Gray Tile

Hallways are often neglected as thoroughfares from one room to another. They're merely a means to an end and don't serve for anything other than function. But there's no reason a hallway can't be treated with the same eye for style, design and décor that the very finest master bedroom, well-stocked kitchen or extravagant sitting room receives.

If you're looking to remodel, renovate and generally restore your hallways to their lively glory, consider a few of these tips.

1. Think of your hallway as a gallery. People often litter hallway walls with photographs, prints and paintings. It's a great idea, but so often bypassed in the hustle and bustle of getting from one room to another. Redesign your hallway to grab attention. Install flattering lighting, so that a painting can't be passed without perusal.

2. Equip it with bookcases. If you need to store a collection of books and lack the space, your hallway might be the ideal spot. It's a great place to pause and remember old favorites or for friends and family to stop and pick out a future one. Show off your most beloved and finest volumes.

3. Keep it comfortable. Before modern conveniences, hallways had the reputation of being chilly byways in between fireplace-heated rooms. Take control of your hallways' climate with radiant floor heating. Easily installed, adjustable to preference and equipped with smart controls that let you pre-program for times of day, radiant heat is a hallway's best friend. Best of all, radiant heat is eco-friendly and improves on air quality, which is especially important in smaller spaces.

4. Make it feel twice as large. This is an age old trick. Consider installing a mirror running horizontally along the hallway. Not only will it double your sense of space, but it makes for a great source of light and a useful aid for when the bathroom is occupied and you need to apply some makeup or straighten a tie.