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This week's featured articles:

"Introducing: WarmlyYours SmartFit Free In-Home Measuring Service"

We have been announcing a lot of exciting things this past month - from the introduction of our TempZone Cut & Turn Roll (TWIN Conductor) to the Instant Quote (IQ) Tool, and now, we present our SmartFit FREE in-home measuring service!

That's right, it's free. Receive an in-home professional, error-free measurement at no cost to you. Yep, it's just another awesome Smart Service from your friends at WarmlyYours Radiant. If you’re thinking of adding floor heating to your next remodeling project, then follow our philosophy – always begin with accuracy in mind, and that's why we have introduced this service. Read More

"North American REITs And Homebuilders: What’s In Store For 2012?"

The macroeconomic recovery should continue to benefit North American real estate investment trusts (REITs) and begin to aid battered homebuilders this year. But with uncertain stability in job growth and consumer confidence, how will these sectors shape up? Read More

"Radiant Pro Selling: What's in a Word?"

Many sales professionals don’t realize how powerful (or adversely, detrimental) their words are when speaking with a potential customer. You might not either, but just a slight change in the words you use, and more importantly the words you don’t use, can significantly improve your chances of selling WarmlyYours radiant heating products!

It is a proven psychological fact that people love to hear their own name; it gives them a sense of feeling important to you. This applies to all people, from shy people to outgoing people, from sensitive types to tough types, from young to older individuals. Keep in mind that to most people, their own name is the sweetest and most important sounding word in any language. Try to use their name at least 3 times in conversation and remember a unique trait or fact about them to help you remember and retain their name and face for future interactions; this will greatly help you build a rapport with them. Read More

"The Feng Shui of Radiant Heat"

I’m proud to have been featured this week as a Warmly Yours guest blogger on the lovely topic of The Feng Shui of Radiant Heat. Warmly Yours creates radiant heating systems such as heated floors, towel bars and more. The technology can make any home feel more comfortable, and from a Feng Shui perspective it’s a wonderful, subtle way to bring the Fire element into your space. Read More


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  • "Higher wattage of the product and the user friendly project planner. I am impressed with your sales approach; Jenn had an installation plan in my mailbox the morning after submitting it and followed up with a phone call afterwards to address my concerns."
  • "Better customer service than the competition."
  • "Quality of merchandise."

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