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"Radiant Pro Selling: Tips to Generate Thriving Sales"

Sales are not always easy. Some customers have no concept of remodeling or the cost, which can leave many questions. This makes it difficult for a sales person to complete a sale. Price as well as other factors poses a big challenge when trying to tie-down a sale. In order to overcome these obstacles, it is important to develop a defined sales process and to continually hone your selling skills. Read More

"Rent-to-Buy and Home Prices to Income"

Two common measures of home prices are comparing the costs of renting vs. buying a home and the ratio of home prices to income. Both these measures suggest this is a good time to buy. The Rent-to-Buy ratio is below its average for the 1987-2012 period by a small amount, but is headed toward neutral as home prices advance. The comparison of home prices to income is low compared to the patterns seen since 1987 and is also moving up as home prices climb faster than income. Read More

"Your Home's Most Dangerous Room"

If you take a look around your house, you’ll notice some rooms can seem to be more hazardous than others. You may think that the kitchen is the most dangerous room. With knives sitting around, the stove burning hot, or broken glass lying on the floor, there clearly seems to be an increased risk of injury. Or maybe it’s the basement you are worried about. That dark stairway leading down towards the basement is not only creepy but also risky if you aren’t careful. What if I told you that neither of those rooms were the most dangerous rooms in your house? The most dangerous room is your bathroom. Read More

"Improving Homebuilders Sector"

The S&P/ISDA CDS U.S. Homebuilders Select 10 Index has seen a -45% drop in spread YTD. For the month this sector led the way moving down an additional 37bps from its August month end value of 226bps. For a $1 million investment that would be a move of $15,600 (YTD). This index of a select number of reference entities contains DR Horton, Home Depot KB Homes Lennar Masco, MDC, Mohawk Pulte, Ryland Group and Toll Brothers. The issuers presently range in credit rating from A- to B with the largest percent (35%) rated BB-. Read More


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