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Choose Decorating Moves That Make An Impact In A New Condominium

Condominium owners have more in common with homeowners than with apartment dwellers. That becomes apparent when they start making decorating decisions and realize they can do what they want in their new...

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Interaction And Sustainability Promote Slow Home Living

Much like the the European-based slow cooking trend that preceded it, the Slow Home Movement encourages homeowners to slow down the tempo in their homes  just as they would savor a home-cooked meal....

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Eclectic Decor Offers Homeowners The Best Way To Mix Old And New Items

Interior designer Michelle Homme practices what she preaches to her clients. She's a fan of eclectic decor because it's the best way to combine old and new furnishings , but she's also wary of going too...

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Direction And Outdoor Views Are Issues When Dressing Windows

When homeowners are choosing window coverings, the selection of curtains or blinds is not nearly as important as the direction the windows face or their proximity to streets and other outdoor features....

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Consider Paint Finish Along With The Color Chosen For The Home

For those who want a serene feel in their homes, choosing the soothing colors of nature - sand and blue to reflect the ocean or various greens for a garden atmosphere -  are right in line with the two...

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