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Common Support Questions

We do not have a Radiant Panels Running Cost Calculator.  However, this can be determined easily by taking the panel’s wattage, dividing it by 1000, and then multiplying the result by the local kW/hr cost – then take this hourly cost and multiple by 730 hours to get a monthly estimate.

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Radiant panels using infrared heating can get very hot on the surface (up to 248° F). For safety, it is recommended that your radiant panel be mounted out of the reach of children.

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There is no on/off button. If you're using your dual connection Ember radiant panel in the plug-in configuration, it can be unplugged when not in use or paired with compatible plug-in control devices like a timer. If you've elected to convert your dual connection radiant panel to a hardwired connection, the radiant panel should be wired to a hardwired control option like a switch, a hardwired timer, or a hardwired thermostat.

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We do not recommend controlling Ember radiant panels with dimmers.

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