Ember Flex Radiant Panel Heater - White - 300W - 35ʺ x 12ʺ - Dual Connection

Part Number: IP-EM-FLX-WHT-0300-CW
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Common Support Questions

Only the Ember Flex radiant panels can be mounted from the ceiling and they come with all of the necessary hardware to accomplish this.

None of the radiant panel heaters from the Ember Glass or Ember Mirror lines can be mounted from the ceiling.

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Electric-resistance heating cables and systems have no polarity. This includes all current WarmlyYours heating elements.

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Radiant heat travels through air, and typically heats up objects closer to the panel first and then the rest of the room later. Infrared heating from the panel can be easily detected from about 3-4 feet. Ideally, the radiant panel should be aimed onto the area with more use, since that will be the surface that will warm up first.

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If you have a room with "average" insulation levels, take the square footage and multiply it by 7 or 8 watts per square foot. That will provide a good estimate of the watts needed to heat that space.

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Radiant panels using infrared heating can get very hot on the surface (up to 248° F). For safety, it is recommended that your radiant panel be mounted out of the reach of children.

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There is no on/off button. If you're using your dual connection Ember radiant panel in the plug-in configuration, it can be unplugged when not in use or paired with compatible plug-in control devices like a timer. If you've elected to convert your dual connection radiant panel to a hardwired connection, the radiant panel should be wired to a hardwired control option like a switch, a hardwired timer, or a hardwired thermostat.

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We do not have a Radiant Panels Running Cost Calculator.  However, this can be determined easily by taking the panel’s wattage, dividing it by 1000, and then multiplying the result by the local kW/hr cost – then take this hourly cost and multiple by 730 hours to get a monthly estimate.

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The power box, where the cord starts, is located at the lower-middle part of the panel (for vertical mount) or left-middle (for horizontal mount). See additional images in the product's image gallery.

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We do not recommend controlling Ember radiant panels with dimmers.

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The heat conductor is carbon fiber pressed in an epoxy ceramic resin.

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Yes, Ember infrared heating panels produce the best and most efficient far infrared rays. Ember panels convert electrical energy into heat with nearly 100% efficiency. A special coating on the surface is optimized so as to achieve maximum heat dissipation in the wavelength range from 7 to 10 microns.

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The startup heating time for this infrared heating system is approximately 5 to 10 minutes. However, your room will not feel warmer immediately because the cold objects in the room (furniture, walls, ceilings, floors, etc.) need to warm up first. Once these surfaces are heated via infrared heating, the warmth will spread throughout the room.

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Verify 120V power at the connection of the panel to the circuit at the junction box in the wall (for hardwired connections), or at the outlet (for plug-in connections). Each Ember heater has a built-in safety switch that turns off the heating element automatically if it overheats. By unplugging or disconnecting the unit and waiting for about 10 to 15 minutes, the safety switch will reset automatically and the unit will be operational again.

If you experience additional issues, please give us a call at 1-800-875-5285.

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Publications and Manuals



Amps 2.5 A
Connection Method Plug-in or Hardwired
Cord Length 6′
Ohms 48 Ω
On/Off Switch No
Plug-Type NEMA 5-15 (Type B)
Thermal Power 0.3 kW
Voltage 120 V
Watts 300 W

Warranty / Certifications

Approvals cTUVus certified
Ingress Protection (IPxx) Rating IP65
RoHS Compliance 2002/95/EC (RoHS 1)
Warranty 5 years


Average Surface Temperature 194 °F
BTU Per Hour 1024 Btu
Surface Safety Limit 248 °F


Country of Origin (COO) China

Product Dimensions

Depth 1.5″
Length 35″
Weight 8.5 lbs
Width 12″


Finish White
Model Ember Flex White - 35″ x 12″
Size 35″ x 12″ - 300W


Mounting Locations Wall, Ceiling, or Freestanding (with Accessories)
Mounting Orientation Horizontal or Vertical


UPC (GTIN-12) 881308067205



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