nTrust Nonprogrammable Thermostat

Part Number: UTN4-4999
The nTrust Non Programmable Thermostat with built-in GFCI provides optimal comfort in controlling electrical underfloor heating - all with a stylish design.
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Common Support Questions

The breaker and wire sizes are selected based on the total amperage of the WarmlyYours heating system connected to a single thermostat. This information is on the WarmlyYours heating system's installation plan, electrical plan, or UL label. Based on guidelines from the National Electrical Code: loads up to 16 Amps may utilize 12 gauge wire with a 20-Amp breaker, and loads up to 12 Amps - 14 gauge wire with a 15-Amp breaker. Local code and/or other factors may change these guidelines.

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Pressing and holding (2-3 sec) physical power/reset button will turn the unit completely OFF. Same process turns the unit back on.

(nHance and nJoin units will have the button on the front faceplate, nSpire Touch WiFi, nSpire Touch and nTrust will have the button on the right side of the faceplate.)

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The ground wire in the floor mat must be connected directly to the ground wire of the supply or to the house ground wire.

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All thermostats are mandated at 42" height for handicap accessibility, most private residences are mounted at 52-60".

Please see this video on how to install a WarmlyYours nSpiration Series thermostat: https://www.warmlyyours.com/video-media/wire-nspiration-thermostat-to-electric-floor-heating-roll

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Yes, the floor sensor wire can be extended up to 300 feet with 18 AWG wire.

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Yes the adaptive function is reset during a factory reset.

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The connection is incorrect


Check the connections between the two units. If the USG is connected incorrectly to the thermostat, the USG won't switch off.

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The flashing digits indicate that the actual (measured) floor temperature exceeds the thermostat temperature limit.

The temperature limit is set for either tile (104°F/40°C) or laminate (82°F/28°C) when the thermostat is first set up or re-configured.

For example: When the floor type (protection) is set to laminate, the limit defaults to 82°F/28°C. If the floor temperature goes above this - whether due to radiant floor heating or external heating sources, then the digits will flash and the heating is switched off.

Turning the temperature up or down will not affect the flashing digits. And leaving the thermostat alone with flashing digits does not harm the system.

Tip: To turn off the heated floor (ex. for months when it is not needed), on the outer edge of the thermostat, depress the lower right side button for 3-5 seconds. This will also turn it back on.

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Publications and Manuals


Warranty / Certifications

Approvals cULus listed
Proposition 65 Compliant Yes
Warranty Limited 3-year warranty and lifetime technical support


Circuits Required 1
Connection 4 wires, double pole
Connection Method Hardwired
Ground Fault Protection GFCI, Class A, 5 mA
Maximum Current 15 A
Maximum Power 1800 W @ 120 V, 3120 W @ 208 V, 3600 W @ 240 V
Supply 120 VAC, 50/60Hz / 240 VAC, 50/60Hz


Country of Origin (COO) Malaysia

Product Dimensions

Depth 2″
Installed Depth 0.75″
Length 5.125″
Width 3.25″


Display Backlit Display
Display Size 2.5″


Floor Sensor Compatibility 10k ohms only
Includes Floor Sensor Yes (1)
Maximum Ambient Temperature Setting 77 °F
Maximum Floor Temperature Setting 104 °F
Minimum Ambient Temperature Setting 32 °F
Minimum Floor Temperature Setting 41 °F
Programmable No


SKU UTN4-4999
UPC (GTIN-12) 881308051235



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