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Whether installing a snow-melting system for a single or multi-zone application, WarmlyYours' Power Modulator has the ability to save money and handle a higher amount of power than the average control.

The electrical boxes reduce spending by offering a built-in GFS (ground fault sensor). This eliminates the need for a GFEP (ground fault equipment protection) breaker for every heating element, which adds significant cost to the project. Plus, an included upper limit temperature sensor saves energy.

For large residential or commercial areas with a limited power supply, the Power Modulator has the ability to split the load. This means that snow-melting cable embedded in asphalt, concrete or mortar under pavers can heat up one zone at a time, thus eliminating the need to upgrade the power supply on site. In return, this saves money and puts the control in the customer’s hands by letting them set the amount of time that each zone should be active.

Typical applications include driveways, sidewalks, loading docks, stairs and pavement, as well as roofs and gutters if a gutter sensor is used.

What Do I Need?

  • Power modulator 3 3216de
  • Power Modulator 3

  • $3,050.00
  • Activate up to 4 Zones
  • Includes Upper Limit Temperature Sensor
  • Use 4 Zones for Snow Melting
    Use 3 Zones for Snow Melting and 1 for Roof & Gutter Deicing
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Power Modulator Snow/Ice Aerial Sensor REQUIRED

Installed outdoors, the Power Modulator Snow/Ice Aerial Sensor measures the outside temperature and detects snow. It then sends this information to the Power Modulator 3 or Power Modulator 5 so that it can begin the snow-melting process. The igloo shape of the sensor prevents snow from accumulating around the sensing area, and four anti-nesting spikes keep birds away. A sensor cap helps to keep the sensing area clean from dust and dirt during the summer months when the system is not in use. Up to four Power Modulator Snow/Ice Aerial Sensors can be used with the Power Modulator 3 or Power Modulator 5 electrical boxes.


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Snow Melt Plaque REQUIRED

In order to stay compliant with National Electric Code 426-13, WarmlyYours’ Snow Melt Plaque must be purchased in coordination with a snow-melting system. The code states that embedded snow-melting equipment must be evident by the posting of appropriate caution signs or markings where clearly visible. Thus, this durable cast brass plaque can be easily installed in concrete or asphalt to indicate that the snow-melting equipment is located underneath the material. The plaque is 4.0 x 4.0 x 3/8 “ thick and includes a ¼” diameter x 2” long bolt and nut combination for anchoring.

Power Modulator Wall-Mounting Bracket for Aerial Sensor OPTIONAL

The Power Modulator Wall-Mounting Bracket is a rust-free, adjustable metal fixture that mounts to the house and holds a Power Modulator Snow/Ice Aerial Sensor. Rectangular holes along the arm of the fixture allow wiring to feed through, and an opening in the wall plate offers direct access to feed the wire into the home.


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Snow Melting Aerial Sensor OPTIONAL

The AIR-SS Aerial-Mounted Snow Sensor provides versatile and cost-effective automatic snow detection for snow melting and roof and gutter deicing systems. Easy to install, the AIR-SS Aerial-Mounted Snow Sensor is appropriate for use with the Power Modulator 3 or 5. It senses both ambient temperature and precipitation, detecting falling or blowing snow at temperatures below 38°F (3.3°C). The included 12-inch, 3-conductor, 18 AWG lead allows for flexibility of installation, allowing sensors to be located up to 2,000 ft. (609.6 m) from the control panel.


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Gutter Mounted Ice Sensor OPTIONAL

The GTR-SS automatic sensor enables reliable, automatic operation of deicing system to reduce operating costs. Gutter-mounted for accuracy, this unit features solid-state sensors for both moisture and temperature encased in a durable protective housing. Its microcontroller design prevents ice bridging. The GTR-SS operates on low voltage, making installation easier. With the included 12-inch, 3-conductor, 18 AWG lead, the sensor can be located up to 2,000 ft. (609.6 m) from the control panel. The GTR-SS is suitable for use with both the Power Modulator 3 and 5.