Outdoor Heated WalkwaysSnow Melting Systems For Stairs And Walking Paths

Ice Free Stairways

Navigating a slippery, ice-covered walkway or stairway is dangerous for family, friends, and visitors, and the recurring work of shoveling snow, chipping away at ice, and spreading rock salt along your walkways and stairs is essential for safety.

Enjoy Winter With Heated Walkways From WarmlyYours

You've devoted so much time to making your home a welcoming and comfortable destination for friends and family--why not extend that same care to the exterior of your home with outdoor radiant heating? With heated walkways from WarmlyYours, you'll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are providing safe passageway.

Choose From Conductor Mats Or Cable For Your Heated Walkway

Choose an easy to install snow melting system from WarmlyYours. Whether you choose mats for your walkway or cable for stairways, both come in 120-volt and 240-volt and are designed to install in a variety of surfaces, including asphalt, concrete, and in mortar under pavers, and they are perfect for both residential and commercial applications.

Our easy to install electric snow melting mats feature a 1/4" diameter snow melting cable attached to a durable mesh mat. This energy efficient, twin-conductor cable is evenly spaced to provide 50 watts per square foot, ensuring optimal heating performance.

We can also design a customized outdoor heating solution for your stairway using our snow melting cable. Featuring a 1/4" twin-conductor cable that generates 12 watts per linear foot, this system allows you to enjoy a dependable and efficient snow melting system.

Outdoor Heating Mash for Heating Driveways

Get Your Snow Melting System from WarmlyYours

Rather than spending your time this winter shoveling and salting, you'll have time to enjoy the things in life that matter. Call now to learn more about our outdoor heating systems, or get [an instant quote] online. Our snow melting experts will recommend a system that is the exact fit for your home or business and comes a recommendation for a control as well as our signature custom installation plan. Our installation team is available around the clock to ensure complete service satisfaction, and all mats and cable are CSA Certified for outdoor use in the US and Canada.