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Direct Replacement Comparison: Advantages of nHance vs TH115 SmartStat


What are the advantages of nHance vs TH115 SmartStat (Direct Replacement Comparison).

nHance Main Features:

Large 3.5” Backlit Display

Easier to program due to larger screen and additional menus

Features, units and sensor modes can be changed in the menu

Energy Log

Child Lock

Floor Sensor Compatiblity (10kΩ, 12kΩ)

Self-Test GFCI

Single Electrical Box Installation

Easy to use screw-terminals for wiring

TH115 SmartStat Main Features:

2.5” Backlit Display

No Energy Log

No Child Lock

10kΩ Sensors Only

Features, units and sensor modes need to be changed with a dip switches

Regular GFCI

Double Gang Electrical Box Required

Wire nuts needed for wiring

Written by Anatoliy Isayenko
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