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Tempzone™ Shower Mat 120V 32'' x 60'' , 13.3 sq.ft., 1.7A

Step into luxury with radiant comfort for your shower floors. The TempZone™ Shower Floor Mats are designed for installation in wet locations under tile and stone. They include a wire-free drain, a low profile (1/8 in.) heating cable, and a 14 AWG cold lead to make installation easy. The 120V 32" X 60"TempZone™ Shower Floor Mats provide 13.3 sq. ft. of heating coverage. At 15 watts per sq. ft., these UL Listed shower mats keep your shower floors warm and comfortable to the touch even on the chilliest mornings. WarmlyYours stands behind our TempZone™ Shower Floor Mats with our unbeatable, 25-year, No Nonsense™ Warranty.