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For luxurious warm stone floors and other popular flooring materials, TempZone™ Flex Roll Floor Heating systems from WarmlyYours are just what you've been looking for. Perfect for warming ceramic tile, natural stone, and hardwood floors, TempZone™ is made by attaching a coiled heating cable to green mesh fabric and delivering even heat to any room in your home. Our customers love their warm tile floor systems, and we're sure you will, too.

TempZone™ Flex Rolls have achieved an average rating of 5 stars having been reviewed 160 times by our customers.

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Good product, documenation - 2 systems installed

I am giving a 5 star rating because the product is good and the overall documentation was good. The only thing I could not find was the factory resistance measurements. This is the second system I installed and it seemed to go quicker.

John Chandler, St. Joseph, Mich
Apr 13, 2010

DIY installation with warmlyyours plans

I installed this myself by carefully following the supplied instructions. I'd say my floor area shape was more complex than most but instructions were good & exact. I used the hot glue on my plywood subfloor. I buried the heat mat under one coat of mortar and the orange tile seperation poly mat (made by others). Then layed my floor tile over that the next day. Even though only half the floor is heated there are no cracks in any of the grout joints. Warmly was quick to answer any questions I had. Good Customer Svc. for sure.

Norm Haynes, Lk Forest Park, WA
Apr 13, 2010

Wonderful product only problem is design

wonderful product only problem is design you layed out for us leaves cold spots on the ceramic tile floor in the spots where there are no heating wires. Had this been accounted for at design time I would have asked for a design that had extra grid on all areasof the floor that are walked on.

Thomas Clark, Lindenhurst, NY
Apr 12, 2010

WarmlyYours Responds
We can easily help with that! Send us a plan with the right dimensions and we provide a custom installation plan for every job, at no cost. This plan will show your exact coverage to make sure you don't get cold spots.

4th bathroom with WarmlyYours heated floors

This is the 4th bathroom I have installed Warmly Yours heated flooring in. In all cases the product has been great and we love it. Paul

Paul Giard, Plymouth, MA
Apr 06, 2010

Can't say enough about it

So awesome waking up in the morning during the winter months, heading into the bathroom and having a toasty warm tile floor. You product works wonderful. I can't say enough good about it.

Michael Smith, TULSA, OK
Apr 05, 2010

Great stepping out of the shower on a warm floor

System has been up and running smoothly for 4 months now. The install went well except for the thermostat sensor and two lead-in heating element wires which elevated the floor tiles due to their thickness. Programmable thermostat functions well and is a necessity to manage electric costs. I had to install a cork underlayment because of the concrete flooring. This should be indictaed in the instructions otherwise the desired temperature will not be attained. Overall this is agreat product and folks around here are not aware of the availability of radiant electric floor heating. Being that this was installed into a basement bathroom its a pleasure to step onto a warm floor pre and post shower.

John Bird, Huntington Station, NY
Apr 05, 2010

Easy to install and works great but control hard to read/see

The tempzone roll was easy to install and with the Ditra system combined, the installation was done in a single day. The problem I have is with the temperature control unit. It is hard to read and does not light up (background lit) when adjusting the time/zones or setting temperature. I find this to be a problem with my Age in Place customers who have difficulty seeing and pushing buttons (60+ years of age).

Michael Childs, ANNANDALE, VA
Apr 05, 2010

Fantastic customer support, easy to install, would use self-leveling cement next time

The system was very easy to install and it works very well. The customer support was fantastic. My only challenge was during the install, I found it very had to build up a thick enough layer of thin set to cover the heating element, the next time I install a system, I will use the self leveling compound, even though it will be more work.

Jerry Callan, Cranberry, PA
Apr 05, 2010

5-star for ordering, installing and getting support

There was never a doubt that we were going to install infloor heat in our cabin bathroom. The cost, ez instructions and knowing there was technical support made purchasing from WarmlyYours a no-brainer. I would give the process of ordering, ease of installation and performance 5 star rating.

Linda S Hempel, Eagan, MN
Apr 04, 2010

Easy to install

Easy to install, went from bare floor to a finished tile instalation in 4 days

Vernon Jones, WICHITA, KS
Apr 04, 2010