Thermostat Programming

Thermostat Programming ServiceSmart PreSet Thermostat Programming Service – an energy bill revolution.

Because we understand the challenges of fully understanding and benefiting from the savings that a programmable thermostat can bring, WarmlyYours is pleased to introduce to you a convenient thermostat programming service called, Smart PreSet thermostat programming service.

We believe energy efficiency and savings is just a program away…

Choose the Smart PreSet service, and your thermostat will be pre-programmed at the time of your order by a WarmlyYours professional and sent along with your complete floor heating order, ready to function according to the lifestyle, early-start, active times, ambient and floor temperature settings of your choice.

The ability to have a programmed thermostat puts the power back into your hands. YOU choose your energy bill. Add our Smart PreSet thermostat programming service when you purchase floor heating and a programmable nSpiration Series thermostat (nSpire Touch WiFi, nSpire Touch, or nHance) from WarmlyYours.