SmartStat Dual Voltage Electric floor heating programmable thermostat

The Homeowner Thermostat Programming ServiceSmart PreSet Thermostat Programming Service – An energy bill revolution.

Thermostats are a necessity for any home or building that use heat or air conditioning systems. Of all installed thermostats, only two out of five are programmable and of those two that are programmable, only 6 percent are actually programmed by the owners. That means that most homeowners are paying more money on their energy bill for less thermostat functionality.

According to Energy Star, correctly programming your thermostat will save you approximately $180 per year. But, unfortunately, many homeowners with programmable thermostats don’t save any energy at all. Why?

5 to 20 percent could be saved if a thermostat is programmed properly
  • Many do not program the thermostat out of fear, uncertainty, complexity, or out of apathy
  • Half override the programmed settings, defeating the purpose of thermostat programming
  • Most use default settings that are too conservative and unrealistic
  • Or they maintain an incorrect “model” of heating and cooling

Because we understand the challenges of fully understanding and benefiting from the savings that a programmable thermostat can bring, WarmlyYours is pleased to announce Smart PreSet, an easy, convenient thermostat programming service for our customers.


Smart PreSet Homeowner Sell Sheet

Smart PreSet Programming Details Form

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Why Add Smart PreSet to Your Order?

With Smart PreSet, we will program your thermostat before sending your order, based on key information that you will provide to us regarding your lifestyle, schedule, and temperature preferences. Once we have this information, our resident Radiant Experts will pre-program the thermostat and will send it ready for immediate use. All you have to do is simply install the thermostat, and it’s ready to be used, pre-programmed exactly according to your preferences.

Benefits of the Thermostat Programming Service

  • No annual fees
  • Affordable, low-cost service fee
  • Programming completed at WarmlyYours & sent directly to you
  • Customized to fit your lifestyle and schedule
  • Programmed and ready prior to installation