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The cost for material per square foot is approximately $8.00-15.00 per square foot.
You should install the cable 2-3" below the finished surface, and attach it to rebar and/or reinforcing wire mesh to secure the cable in place.

The layers for the full installation are as follows:

  • bottom layer is 8-10" of compressed crushed rock aggregate (may already exist)
  • second is a 4-12” layer of sand; (may already exist)
  • next, a layer of 2" polystyrene insulation
  • then add a 2-3” layer of concrete
  • then add the rebar and/or reinforcing mesh and attach the cable or mat
  • finally, pour a 2-3" layer of concrete as the final flooring surface

Call tech support at (800) 875-5285 to customize this to your unique application.

You can control your slab heating system with a thermostat, our SmartStat™ or EasyStat™, and you may also need to add a relay and/or power module.
The requirements are: 20 watts per square foot foot (with 3" spacing) without a floor covering; or 15 watts per square foot (with 5" spacing of cable only) with a floor covering. To calculate your exact power requirements, multiply the square feet by 20 or 15, as listed above and then divide by the voltage (120V or 240V) to arrive at Amps.

In-stock items will ship the same day you place your order.
Stop installation, box out a 3"×3" area surrounding the damaged area and call tech support at (800) 875-5285.
Any trade professional is qualified to layout cables and/or mats; electricians must make the electrical connections and test the wire; you can hire a concrete contractor to install the concrete for you.
Go to our Slab Heating Energy Use Calculator, for a calculator to see your approximate your cost.