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Getting Comfortable in the Office

Getting Comfortable in the OfficeWork and comfort aren’t often thought of together. But, why aren’t they? Most people spend more waking hours at work than they do at home so why shouldn’t we invest a little time or money making ourselves more comfortable? Sure, I know what you are going to say. Who wants to spend money on a place you’d rather not think about when you aren’t there. But, what if we did focus more on our physical well being at the office? Would we still rather not go to work? Or, if you are one of those rare people who totally love their job, would adding comfort to your work space be like icing on top of the cake?

Ok, after all that back and forth, I’ll get to the point. Basically, I’ve come across a few ways that folks can make their work space more tolerable, and maybe even comfortable.

- First, let’s focus on lighting. Fluorescent lights do not have a positive affect on you in the work environment. Everyone knows that. If there is a way to reduce the fluorescent lighting above your desk and use a desk lamp instead, it will make your office space feel a little homier. In fact, recently I just happened to catch part of a TV show about extreme work places. (Sorry, I can’t remember the channel.).The office that was featured allowed an employee to put an outdoor umbrella in his cubicle to eliminate the overhead fluorescent lighting! Your boss might consider something like that, especially if you mention that it would improve your productivity ☺ (or at least let you remove the bulbs from above your desk). Generally, desk lamps are fairly inexpensive, but if you can’t afford one or you just don’t want to make the investment, go to Goodwill and pick one up secondhand.

- Second, office chairs really aren’t great for your back even when they are designed to be ergonomically correct. Sometimes we need a little more lumbar support. There are chair pads made to enhance the areas of your chair that are lacking in support, and some are designed to give you a massage as well. You can purchase these devices for as little or as much money as you are willing to spend. Just keep an eye out for sales and positive product reviews and you’ll surely find something that works for you!

- Third, a lot of people don’t know what kind of temperature to expect when they get to the office. Some days, the office feels hot and some days it feels frigid. People often keep an extra sweater hanging on their chair for the colder days. But for some poor souls, this just isn’t enough. WarmlyYours has an Under Desk Heater that plugs into a standard 120 volt outlet, and uses radiant heat to bring extra warmth to your feet and legs. The Heater is made of plush, soft carpet, so not only is it warm, but it’s comfy. It even raises the temperature slightly in your cubicle so the sweater may not even be necessary. This product is also very affordable (though, it is more expensive than a sweater you bring from home).

-Can you imagine sitting in your dimly lit cubicle, getting a back massage while warming your feet and drinking free work coffee? Sounds a little like heaven on earth to me. Maybe coming into work tomorrow isn’t such a bad idea?

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