An Interview with Ramie Blatt


Ramie Blatt, senior software developer at WarmlyYours, has been working at our company for more than four years developing electric infloor heat plans. Blatt is passionate about using the latest technologies to establish floor warming systems, creating solutions to help customers have the best infloor electric heat for their homes. Hear what Blatt has to say about developing floor warming models and being a part of the WarmlyYours family.

Video Transcript

Hear what Ramie Blatt, Senior Software Developer at WarmlyYours, has to say about working for the company and being a part of the WarmlyYours family.

Hi there. I’m Ramie Blatt, and I work for Warmly Yours; I’m a senior software developer. I’ve been working for Warmly Yours for 4 years. Before that I was a consultant, like a freelancer, but Warmly Yours was definitely my main client for about 2 years before that. It feels like I’ve been with Warmly Yours a good 6 years of my life.

What I’m working on right now is developing a lot more tools and ways for customers to interact with Warmly Yours and to design their tools to go shopping on Warmly Yours sites for their interaction with WarmlyYours to really be personalized and directed to them. There's no reason why a customer can’t go online, figure out what they need. There is no reason why our tools couldn’t be smart enough to know who they are and can get them the info that they need and if they need to speak to someone, really makes that happen for them quickly and that’s the staff we are working on now. It’s really exciting stuff.

I studied physics, so I have a science back ground. The first job I did for Warmly Yours was to come in and solve a really specific like geometry problem and from that point on there was more work and more interest. We eventually started working together full time and we clicked and I became a core team member. I had twin boys. I found out that I was going to be a father and then I found out that they were going to be twins and it was right around that time that Warmly Yours made me an offer to be a full time employee and I jumped on that because I felt like my life is changing.

Warmly Yours IT firm is actually using a lot of technologies that are the cutting edge and we have a lot of problems to solve and it’s a really good environment to learn more and more from the people I work with. They push you to grow, to try new things, to get to places where you wouldn’t have done it, you wouldn’t have been without them.

Surprisingly it’s kept me very happy where in other situations maybe I would have exhausted the possibilities but I don’t feel that. I feel there are still tough problems to solve and a good team of people to solve them with, and that we grow together. I really feel like I’m part of the team and I’m part of this family.     

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