Heated Towel Warmers and WeMo Home Automation

Our plug-in towel warmers can now be paired with the WeMo Switch to offer ultimate convenience with stylish flair. After plugging your towel warmer into the WeMo Switch and plugging the switch into an outlet, you simply need to download the free WeMo app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App store. The WeMo app brings your towel warmer controls to wherever you are, allowing you to turn your towel warmer on and off or even set a schedule for the towel warmer. With a schedule in place, your towels can be warm and ready to comfort you every morning — even when you’re dreading taking that first step out of bed on a cold winter day.

Adding yet another layer of convenience, the WeMo Switch integrates with the IFTTT (if this then that) service, which allows you to turn your towel warmer on or off when prompted by another event or activity. For instance, you can set your towel warmer to turn on when the sun rises or turn off when you leave the house, in collaboration with other WeMo products. The possibilities — and the convenience — are limitless.