How to Install a PSC Shower Waterproofing Kit with a TempZone Shower Mat


This video shows a step-by-step installation of a PSC Shower Waterproofing Kit along with the installation of a TempZone Shower Mat.

Video Transcript

We're here today to go over an installation of our new shower system, the waterproof shower system, the drain and all that sort of stuff and the pan and all the great information that comes from Avi when we're doing this installation. So what I'd like to do is I'd like to go from step one all the way to the final step and talk about what exactly are all the parts that are visible here. 

So the first thing we did is we made sure that the floor is clean, any debris has been swept and the floor was washed. The next thing we did is fit the appropriate shower pan for our installation. And then we mortared the shower pan down. So when I place it in place, like that's it, that's all I have to do, I step on. 

The next thing we did is we installed the inside corners and these are the inside corners, we have one on this side and then we have one on the opposite side. So all the four inside corners of the shower. So the next thing we did, we took the band and we cut it to length on the vertical corners and the horizontal corners on the floor. If we're installing on the ceiling, which in this case, we didn't, we will also have vertical pieces for the ceiling. 

 So then the next thing we did is install the waterproofing membrane and we overlapped the seams two inches. And the next thing we did is we installed a shower curb, we installed the waterproofing on the shower curb. And the outside corners of the shower curb, and that pretty much completed the waterproofing of a shower. Now that we've talked about making this fixture waterproof, what we need to talk about is actually heating the floor of this fixture. 

So what we have is a couple of steps that you need to do. The first thing you need to do is you need to find out what height that you want the drain to be it because it's adjustable up or down. We want to make sure that we allow for the thickness of the cable and the thickness of the tile. And you use that to screw it in or screw it down to make sure it's the right height. And when you're setting the height, should it be exactly even with the tile? Lower, slightly lower than the tile. OK, because that allows it to drain, right yes. 

 OK, so what we do is we get that drain installed and at that point, once it's installed, you can't adjust it anymore because you can't turn it. So the idea here is to mock up the cable, the thinset thickness and the tile and to make sure that all fits because we're then going to lock that drain in place and then we're going to install the layers. So when we're talking about the layers, we've got the waterproofing. We then on top of that waterproofing, the yellow waterproofing, we take a very thin layer of thin set and we cover it all with that. And once that's set up and firm, we then go ahead and put the cable, the heating product on top of it. And then we use thin set the same type of latex modified, then set hopefully a premium brand because you're doing some really important work here. You want to make sure that you don't get the cheapest version of modified thin set that you can. You want to buy the quality stuff. 

And at that point, we're going to cover the cable and hold it in place. And once we do that, that layer is now done and then we can start tiling.

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